Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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In the Tradition of Giving to the Ones We Love, February is the Month for
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Each year there are children with special needs waiting for the opportunity to improve their health and quality of life at Carousel Ranch.
We're growing to serve more children and
YOU can help us reach this goal.

Together, we can make a difference...
one very special child at a time.

 photo hearts_zpsfyahle5y.pngEvery gift will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $25,000 thanks to a very generous Carousel Ranch Supporter.
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Thank you for keeping our kids close to your heart this
Valentine's Day!
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Carousel Ranch
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About Us
Mission Statement
Carousel Ranch is dedicated to providing equestrian therapy for disabled children, creating a unique and individualized program to meet each child's specific needs and goals. Utilizing a combination of vaulting (gymnastics on a moving horse) and therapeutic riding (both English and Western), we strive to create an atmosphere where every child can and will succeed... a place where therapy is disguised as fun.

Denise Tomey-Redmond
Executive Director
As Carousel Ranch's Executive Director, Denise runs the mechanics of overseeing, promoting and sustaining Carousel Ranch, which is equal to and surpasses the demands of running a medium-sized corporation.

Her job is that of the COO (Chief Operating Officer, i.e. scheduling, booking, reports), CFO (Chief Financial Officer, i.e. fundraising, handling of finances, acquisition of grants) and of course, CEO (Chief Executive Officer, i.e. in charge of all business and administrative aspects).

After acquiring a degree in Journalism with a minor in Sociology, Denise began working out of college for a local newspaper. It was an article assignment on the same therapeutic riding program where Becky worked that gave her career a detour. Denise was so touched by one of the demonstrations, that she offered to work in the program's office.

She fell in love with the concept and the kids, and found not only did she have an affinity for business administration, she also had an exceptional affinity for disabled children. Further evolving her talents as the Development Director at a private school, Denise, like Becky, saw the growing need for additional riding programs to alleviate the long waiting lists at other places and to offer a slightly different methodology.

Denise has two beautiful young teen daughters that have practically grown up with Carousel Ranch.
Becky Graham
Program Director
Carousel Ranch's Program Director, Becky Graham handles the lessons of the more severely disabled children and also oversees the Ranch's trained instructors and volunteers.

While studying Physical Therapy in college, one of her courses required community service which landed her with a well-established therapeutic riding program in Southern California.

Building on her experience and the overwhelming demand for such programs in Southern California, Becky eventually left the program with a desire to form a more progressive, student oriented organization.

Together with Denise Tomey, they formed Carousel Ranch. It literally began with one student, one horse, and lots of heart.

She is a NARHA Certified Instructor, as well as an avid and lifelong horsewoman, trainer, competitor and a strong advocate for animal and children's rights.
Board Of Directors

Marianne Cederlind
Eric Stroh
Vice President
Diane Auten
Jami Kennedy
Julie Benson
General Member
John Chernesky
General Member
Wayne Crawford
General Member
Brent Gallegos
General Member
Dena Gittisarn
General Member
Jeff Hacker
General Member
Crystal Molidor
General Member
Stacy Nochenson
General Member
Susie Sheeler
General Member
Bryan Steiner
General Member
Teresa Todd
General Member
Denise Tomey-Redmond
Executive Director
Becky Graham
Program Director
Richard Budman
Advisory Cabinet
Jeanna Crawford
Advisory Cabinet
Therese Edwards
Advisory Cabinet
Bob Kellar
Advisory Cabinet
Stuart McIntosh
Advisory Cabinet
Jeri Serati-Goldman
Advisory Cabinet
Greg Spencer
Advisory Cabinet

Katie Pope
Head Instructor
Gail Berke
Administrative Assistant
Taylor Adachi
Administrative Assistant
Eileen Johnstone
Eileen has been with Carousel Ranch for over 7 years. She first read about the ranch in the Signal newspaper and like many others started out as a volunteer.

Eileen has been riding horses since the age of 12, but it isn't the horses that keep her coming to the ranch. No, it's the kids, the families and the parents. Its getting the opportunity to help a child's life for the better and seeing even those small changes. Seeing a first unaided step, hearing words for the first time.

To quote Eileen "Totally great!"
Rachel Gibbs
Alex Douglas
Alex is 20 years old and has been with the ranch for almost 3 years. She started as a volunteer through her ROP Animal Care & Service Class. She is currently attending COC and considering going into the field of Veterinarian Science.

Alex has been riding horses, on and off, since she was 5 years old. She loves being outdoors and working with the children. She says sometimes it brings tears to her eyes the wonderful progress that she sees.
Erin Brahe
Stefanie Loporchio
Instructor in Training
Kelly Marsh
Instructor in Training
Jose Juarez-Velvez

Peggy Defibaugh
Bill Kahl
Lori Marshall
Jolie Stroh
Josh Teal
Alan Weyand
Hailey Yacavone