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Our Incredible Team of Carousel Horses

At Carousel Ranch we couldn't do what we do without each and every one of our horses. Each is special in their own way and are hand chosen for each students.

We are grateful to friends and supporters who participate in our "adopt" a therapy horse program - sponsoring them for a one year period. A Sponsorship covers board, shoeing and basic veterinary expenses. We thank the following donors for their continued support.

There are several horses (see below) still in need of sponsorship. They can be sponsored for a full year ($3,500), half year ($1,750) or even three months ($875).


Annabelle - sponsored by Jan & Rob Swartz and Margo & Bob Hudson

Annabelle is a definite favorite at the ranch. She is a beautiful 22 year old Norwegian Fjord...a breed of horse, perfectly suited for this work. Her short legs and draft type body along with an amazing disposition, make her an exceptional therapy horse.


Banner - sponsored by Mission Valley Bank

Banner is and always will be, a favorite of so many of our children. He is small, but mighty - and always does his job to perfection. Banner has been with us since the beginning, and has rarely missed a day of work! At 28 years old, we can still count on Banner as the perfect choice for many of our little ones.

CALLIE (Sponsored by the Sandnes Family) is a big.jpg

Callie - sponsored by Marian and Richard Sandnes

Callie is a big, beautiful 21 year old Belgian Mare, who has been working at Carousel Ranch since 2006. She came in ready to work, and has been a long time favorite. Callie is sure and steady, working with those students who are more adult sized or need an instructor sitting on the horse behind them.


Gus - sponsored by Eric Allen & Andrea Stockert

Though young at heart, 17 year old Gus is a definite favorite at the ranch. He is one of our two Haflingers. Gus is the strong, silent type, which is especially suited for this work. Over the years, Gus has become a very important member of the CR team – working in many of our most challenging lessons.

Mac Crop.jpg

Mac - sponsored by Kris & Mike Huber

Also known as "Big Mac" - he quickly become a favorite here for many beginning riders. He was donated by neighbors and friends, Chris & Lisa Burgard - who adopted him from the Bureau of Land Management (as a wild horse). Mac is a beautiful buckskin Mustang. He is patient and kind, slow and steady...a perfect match for us!


Mo - sponsored by The Riegler Family

Mo is a 18 year old Halflinger. This breed of horse is especially suited for our work and is known for its gentle disposition, sturdy draft type body and short legs. Mo has proven to be a phenomenal therapy horse as well as a perfect demonstration horse as well.

Pac Man Crop.jpg

Pac-Man - sponsored by Peggy Jean & Larry Rasmussen

24 year old Liver Chestnut Quarter Horse, Pac-Man has even temperament which makes him the perfect candidate for so many of our riders under saddle. Pac-Man works hard during the therapy week, and over the last 14 years as a Carousel Ranch therapy horse, he has performed in a countless number of our demonstrations.

Available for Sponsorship



Alex is our smallest therapy pony and has been working at the ranch for nine years. Although she is in her late 20’s, Alex continues to work every lesson day with our smallest riders. She is small but mighty – and still going strong!

Jonah with mini.jpg

Chocolate & Max

Chocolate and Max are loved by everyone! . The “mini’s” role has been of assurance and acclimating students to working with horses. Our kids love doing a ground lesson with the minis, learning to groom, bathe or lead them. Not many people, big or small, can resist a friendly, fluffy, little horse and the children are immediately drawn to them.



She is a big and beautiful and is an amazing member of our team. Dawn is a dapple gray 11 year old Percheron. Taking some of the load off of Callie, she is another large draft horse - perfect for those needing an instructor behind, or those independent riders that simply need a larger horse to ride under saddle.



Mijo, an 20 year old chestnut Quarter Horse, had a loving home and previous career as a “movie” horse. Mijo immediately proved that he had the right temperament for the job and is used for many of our riders under saddle. He truly seems to enjoy his second career as a therapy horse and doesn’t appear to miss the excitement of being a “movie star”.



Mookie is a 14 year old Icelandic Pony. He was quick to move into not only vaulting and under saddle lessons, but as our only therapy horse that is able to pull a pony cart! Icelandic’s are very good natured, and are bred as much for temperament as for their other attributes.

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