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Heroes on Horses

Last month, before life changed for us all, Carousel Ranch received an amazing gift. A beautiful children’s book written by one of our former staff members (Nathan Gunter) which is dedicated to us. Back in 2003, Nathan was a young Master’s College student who worked for us through the school’s work-study program. He worked for us throughout his college years, bringing his now wife Abby to the ranch as well. Nathan became an amazing instructor at the ranch, and he Abby were a huge part of the program during those years. We are happy to count them among a few “Carousel Ranch marriages” that we claim credit for. Nathan went on to become a Pastor and educator. He and Abby live in Sacramento and now have seven beautiful children of their own.

Last year, we saw that Nathan had begun writing children’s books, but could have never imagined that he would create something like “Heroes on Horses”, based on his years at the ranch.

In his own words… “Since I have finally been able to start publishing kid’s books, I wanted to include part of our life in one of the books – equestrian therapy! It was during our college years that you all gave me the chance to assist, help, and teach in fun, creative ways. So, I wanted to capture equestrian therapy in an imaginative and fun way. For example, “bumpy” refers to both the horse ride as well as issues in life that are not easy to deal with -- or “around the world” refers to going around the arena. Also, the kids have invisible helmets to show a freedom in their ride from the constraints of life in their daily life. We get the chance to help kids live differently on a horse and in a book. I hope this book can help in the years to come and countless people you get to help. We hope you all enjoy the book, and more so, we hope it would be helpful and useful in various ways (fundraising, gifting, teaching, explaining to supporters and families, etc.).”

During a time where life seems a “bit bumpy” and there is so much sadness surrounding us, we thought it might be the perfect time to share this amazing gift. Purchasing the book does help raise a bit of money for the Ranch, which sure helps at a time like this, but most of all we hope it brings a bit of happiness and hope to you and your own family.

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