An RTW Success Story - Jimmy Boone

Jimmy recently completed the Ready to Work! program and we couldn't be more proud of him!

In the words of his mom...

"That was a fabulous ending to an incredible program. Your program has given us new hope! The doctor insisted that Jimmy would never be able to work and support himself. He was greatly discouraged, thus the bravado. While it may be true that he will need some subsidy, he can still work and be a contributing, valuable member of society. You have done an incredible job and it is literally life altering for my son.

Jimmy gained skills, confidence, knowledge and appropriate workplace behavior and an excellent work ethic. I cannot imagine where my son would have gained all of this without this program. He is now truly "work ready" where he was nowhere near "work ready" before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this viable, critical program that has set my son up for success in life!"

**Jimmy was one of two students that recently worked a shift at Wolf Creek Restaurant (photo above) shadowing a server. He is now participating in Desert Haven (an employment program in the Antelope Valley), volunteering at the Acton Market and volunteering at Carousel Ranch on Saturdays. He is working hard toward having a paid position one day.