Horse Sponsors

A Special Thank You to Our Amazing Horse Sponsors

We are grateful to friends and supporters who participate in our "adopt" a therapy horse program - sponsoring them for a one year period. A Sponsorship covers board, shoeing and basic veterinary expenses. We thank the following donors for their continued support.

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Annabelle - Sponsored by Jan & Rob Swartz and Nancy & Perry King

Annabelle is a definite favorite at the ranch. She is a beautiful 25 year old Norwegian Fjord...a breed of horse, perfectly suited for this work. Her short legs and draft type body along with an amazing disposition, make her an exceptional therapy horse.

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BB - Sponsored by The Sandnes Family

Big Bertha aka B.B. our newest Belgian Draft, is an absolute “work horse.” B.B. was born & raised on an Amish farm where working was serious business, and so we are thrilled to be able to lighten her load and provide her with grateful students who love to ride her each week. BB quickly became one of our most relied upon therapy horses due to her strength & ability.

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Chocolate – Sponsored by Renee Berlin and Allen Hohnroth

Chocolate is our miniature horse – truly loved by everyone! Many of the children who receive therapy on the backs of the larger horses, come for their first sessions not knowing what a horse is and there is uncertainty associated with that. The “mini’s” role has been of assurance and acclimating them to working around & with horses; not many people, big or small, can resist a friendly, fluffy, little horse and the children are immediately drawn to them.

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Cricket - Sponsored by Larry & Peggy Jean Rasmussen

Cricket is an 16 year old American Quarter Horse, who has been working at the ranch for the last 6 years. Quarter horses are known to be ranch horses, and so it only makes sense that Cricket intuitively knows how to do his job at Carousel Ranch. While he is a strong guy, he isn’t one with too much energy, and so a good fit for those students needing a calm, steady, consistent stride to get them from point A to point B.

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Earl – Sponsored by Renee Berlin and Allen Hohnroth

Earl is a 12-year-old donkey with the heart of a lap dog. He can be heard across the ranch "hee-hawing" for a good pet and some carrots. Earl loves attention and will gladly snuggle anyone who enters his stall. Earl’s main purpose at the ranch is to allow our kids a more hands on experience to get them used to being around horses. As a special treat students get to take Earl for a walk, give him a bath and even take him on a "pony parade" through the obstacles in the arena.

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Ebony - Sponsored by Renee Berlin & Allen Hohnroth

Ebony, a stunning all black Quarter Horse, has quickly stepped up to fill a need we had for independent riding horses. Donated with her friend Sundance by Rick & Carol Karl, there was no doubt this sweet girl would fit right into our herd. We have so loved getting to know her and are already so impressed by how she is handling being in lessons.

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Ex Decker's Nash - Sponsored by Yvonne Rockwell & Express Employment Professionals

Ex Decker's Nash is our newest therapy horse in training! He is a gorgeous 4 year old black and white Clydesdale that just recently made the journey all the way from Express Ranches in Oklahoma. Even though he's only been here a short time he is proving to be an amazingly level-headed boy that will fit right into our program. We can't wait to get to know him more!

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Gus - Sponsored by Mike & Kris Huber

Though young at heart, 20 year old Gus is a definite favorite at the ranch. He is one of our two Haflingers. Gus is the strong, silent type, which is especially suited for this work. Over the years, Gus has become a very important member of the CR team – working in many of our most challenging lessons.

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Mac *Retired- Sponsored by Karin Sandnes

Also known as "Big Mac" - has always been a favorite among many beginning riders. He was donated by neighbors and friends, Chris & Lisa Burgard - who adopted him from the Bureau of Land Management (as a wild horse). Mac is a beautiful buckskin Mustang who has now earned his retirement here at the ranch, spending his days playing with his best bud Mijo.

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Mijo *Retired - Sponsored by Robert & Teresa Todd and Chris & Lona Seidenglanz

Mijo, an 25 year old chestnut Quarter Horse, had a loving home and previous career as a “movie” horse. Mijo immediately proved that he had the right temperament for the job and was used for many of our riders under saddle. After years of hard work he has now retired and lives out his days on our upper property with his best friend Mac.

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Mo - Sponsored by Julie Benson Krumrine, Bruce Krumrine & Robin Benson

Mo is a 22 year old Halflinger. This breed of horse is especially suited for our work and is known for its gentle disposition, sturdy draft type body and short legs. Mo has proven to be a phenomenal therapy horse and has a genuine love for his riders as shown by the many kisses he gives them after their ride!

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Mookie - Sponsored by Charlie & Patti Rasmussen

Mookie is a 19 year old Icelandic Pony. He was quick to move into not only vaulting and under saddle lessons, but as our only therapy horse that is able to pull a pony cart! Icelandic’s are very good natured, and are bred as much for temperament as for their other attributes.

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Norah - Sponsored by Mission Valley Bank

Norah is a 13 year old Norwegian Fjord who came to the ranch just 3 year ago. This 14 hand beauty has quickly shown that she’s got the stuff it takes to become an amazing Carousel Ranch therapy horse. Despite her age and lack of “therapy” training we found her to be calm & cool with all the crazy antics equestrian therapy asks of our horses. We’re so very grateful that the City of Santa Clarita provided us with the grant to purchase this very specific breed of horse.

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Sundance - Sponsored by Susie Woo

Sundance, a beautiful brown & white Paint Horse, is one of our newest therapy horses who is quickly stealing the hearts of riders. Donated by Rick & Carol Karl with his best bud Ebony, these two are already proving that they have what it takes to be therapy horses. Sundance is absolutely gorgeous with his brown and white spots and gentle eye, he is already working hard to please his riders and genuinely seems to be loving his new job. We are so thankful we get to give this sweet boy a forever home!