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Ayla Greenwald

Carousel Ranch has been an integral part of Ayla’s growing physical strength as well as her emotional and social development for over a decade. Ayla has challenges that many of us don’t have - to walk, perform multiplication, or even know when and what to say in a conversation with a peer. She is coming to be aware of her differences with her peers and that she may learn differently, walk differently, and need more time to accomplish her goals. At Carousel Ranch, Ayla is not the kid with disabilities that she might be at school, but a vibrant, smart, wacky loving typical teenager. I too, am not a “special needs parent” as I have been called in other settings, but a mom of a teen who gets tired, frustrated and doesn’t always know how to respond to each and every behavior. Carousel Ranch provides a warm and caring place for us to come on Saturday mornings, full of peace, optimism, and love.