Jessica Trosper

"Jessica has been riding at Carousel ranch since she was 4 years old and she is now 14. Of all the many things she has enjoyed in those 10 years since she has been riding at Carousel, being on a horse is by far her very favorite.

Jessica was born with severe medical problems. She has endured several surgeries, the first being a emergent heart surgery at 2 months old. After that she’s had additional heart, spine, foot and other surgeries resulting in her being in and out of a wheelchair over the years. Her mind and body don’t work together well. So although she is very intelligent, it’s hard for her to make her body do the things she wants it to do. So she has trouble speaking and typically types on an ipad to communicate.

When a kiddo has so many challenges medically and developmentally, there is a tendency even amongst the most well-meaning to see them through their limitations. But the opposite is true about Carousel Ranch. Carousel Ranch is a place where every child is seen as valuable, as capable, and as having the ability to get to the next level of their development – whatever that level is. It’s a place the embraces children that society doesn’t understand…it helps them, gives them a place to feel important, and gives them a place that believes in them and their potential. In my many years as a mom of a special needs daughter, I’ve never encountered a place that is so full of hope, love and acceptance for Jess. Carousel Ranch is frankly, a little taste of heaven on Earth for all of us."