Jonah Casillas

Jonah is 4 years old, he started riding at Carousel Ranch when he was one year old. We started noticing that he was not reaching his developmental milestones, he was not crawling or sitting without support. Jonah was getting therapy through other resources but to be honest we didn’t see much improvement. One day when I was sitting at the ranch during my older son Javier’s lesson, I thought “ it’s helped Javier so much ! I know it will help Jonah as well.” Sure enough when he started riding for the very first time, I saw the difference it made in his little body. Very soon after that Jonah started crawling. A few weeks later, walking with help and than not only walking but running. I want to say I was surprised but with all honesty I wasn’t. I knew that his lessons and his amazing instructor Becky would give him the help he very much needed. He is still working on other goals that had to be paused due to the pandemic, but now that he is back at the Ranch we know we will get there. Thank you Carousel Ranch for helping my child in ways we couldn’t.