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Mallory Reagan

Gratitude changes everything. It is a quality of feeling thankful and the readiness to and the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. As we all know, this year has been a year of challenges that most of us cannot even comprehend. As a parent of a special needs child, this year's challenges have only been amplified. Receiving the news that lessons were on hold at the ranch due to COVID was initially understood, but soon became devastating as the time away grew more and more. Within a matter of a couple weeks, the overwhelming feeling of not understanding the dramatic changes in her routine, her therapy, her school, her family life and so much more became increasingly overwhelming for Mallory to the point where her ability to cope became completely nonexistent. Soon, the connections to the ranch found a new path in the interim. Mallory began receiving letters from the horses, YouTube story times where she could see her horses and her therapist Ms. Katie, and the most surprising of all Carousel Ranch went on a road show to bring the horses to us. The miracles of Carousel Ranch never cease to amaze me. I began to see that little light shine in Mallory as we began to reconnect with Carousel Ranch through this unprecedented time. The familiar faces, seeing the horses, and knowing that Carousel Ranch was still there seemed to bring the familiar feeling through this change that Mallory needed to reground. Once we were able to return to the ranch through the phases it felt like a complete exhale. Mallory upon her horse after months away was like watching peace visibly come alive. I once again noticed that she began to open up again and smile. The meltdowns began to decrease and I could see she was mentally and physically fulfilled where there was once gaps in the unknown for Mallory. Grateful in this season of giving and thanks for Carousel Ranch and how important it is to breath hope, love, warmth, and peace in the heart of my daughter and so many other children. Grateful that she is able to attend because of sponsors that support the miracles that happen at Carousel Ranch in the hearts, minds and bodies of all of our children, and for me Mallory. Grateful for the success of Heart of the West and continued fundraisers to support the ranch through these difficult times. Grateful for the Carousel Ranch Family that extends far beyond the physical space and into the hearts of all of us.