Ronnie Riegler

Normalcy. A sense of belonging. For those of us whose children ride at Carousel Ranch, we struggle to help them attain these feelings in a normal year. But this past year has been unprecedented - challenging, even devastating. For many, their time spent riding can be the best part of their week - the most fulfilling, the greatest sense of accomplishment, a feeling of pure relaxation and joy. The opportunity to connect with other loving people and those beautiful horses is immensely rewarding. And very much missed. We are so very grateful to be back at the Ranch, giving Ronnie some sense of normalcy in an otherwise disappointing year for him. And we are especially grateful to all the wonderful people who make Carousel Ranch possible, and in particular all the loving, generous folks who donate because you know what it means to bring joy to a special child’s life. Lisa and I will never forget how proud Ronnie was to demonstrate his newfound equestrian skills a short time after he started riding at Carousel Ranch - perhaps his proudest moment to date:

We are grateful to everyone who helped make that moment possible. Thank you, may God Bless you.